Year 5 Trip to PGL

Day 2: Day 2 has seen the groups take a walk to the beach and explore the grounds of Bawdsey Manor, once the Quilter family residence, then occupied by the RAF and then an international school in the 1990s.  It was acquired by PGL for £6million and opened for business in 2017.  The weather has been kind, affording views of Sealand and Walton-on-the-Naze.  Children built stone sculptures and pieces  of art on the shingle beach and enjoyed learning about the 40ft man-made cliffs.  The Giant Swing has been very popular today – it delivers an exhilarating ride while leaving the swingers’ stomachs hanging in the air.  As I type, the children are getting ready for this evening’s disco where they intend to bust some moves and show their east coast dance-floor skills to the Year 4 pupils visiting from Walsall.

Day 1: Year 5 arrived at PGL’s newest, shiniest centre just up the Suffolk coast, a little after 10am on Wednesday morning.  Needless to say, excitement and anticipation levels were turned up to eleven.  Bawdsey Manor is beautiful and the perfect setting for a multi-activity centre.  They barely had time to collect their thoughts and not even their bags before they were into the first activities, archery or problem solving.  Having been allocated dormitories, they were reunited with their baggage and began to unpack and get settled in before lunch.  Two activities followed in the afternoon, most groups enjoying the thrill of the Zipwire and Aeroball.  After dinner (chicken curry or pork chow mein or cannelloni all with salad bar), Cameron led the children in a live-action clue-solving mystery that involved teams running all over the site interviewing some strange looking characters including a pirate, a heart surgeon and PC Plod.  Stove the Dragon made an appearance at the end once all the clues had been successfully solved!?  With some sunshine, a good measure of sea air and buckets of fun-filled activity, all the Year 5s were glad to get into their dorms – some chatted long after lights out but all was quiet pretty quickly.