Year 4 Trip to Flatford Mill

The weather could not have been better for our 2021 Year 4 field trip. The children had a wonderful time in the stunningly beautiful setting of Flatford Mill, studying freshwater and woodland habitats. The children captured small invertebrates from the Mill Pond, identified them using keys and learned about their characteristics before returning them to their natural habitat. They studied plants in and around the Valley Farm Wood and made careful, scientific drawings of some of them. They measured tree trunk circumferences, estimated their heights and canopy widths, and did leaf and bark rubbings. They captured and identified small invertebrates from the leaves and branches of the trees using special nets. The children also played a game which involved feeling a tree while blindfolded and then later trying to find the same tree having been led away from it. Many thanks to Flatford Mill staff Harry, Becky, Simon and Sam for their expert tuition throughout the day.