Year 3 Trip to Foxburrow Farm

On the 10th May 2017, Year Three went on their annual Anglo-Saxon day trip to Foxburrow Farm. On a beautiful summer day, the coach arrived at Foxburrow Farm, full of excited children resplendent in their Anglo-Saxon costumes! After a brief talk about the Farm, we all marched off into a ‘time zone’ where we were transported back to Anglo-Saxon times, and a lovely little village!

The children were split into activity groups and experienced the thrill of a boar hunt (archery), making a fence (watling), Putting mud and straw on an animal shelter (daubing) and making authentic Anglo-Saxon stew and dumplings.

After a hearty lunch (not Anglo-Saxon), the children made brooches, clay pots, wool spun bracelets and even practised rune writing!

We all had a great day and can highly recommend a day visit to Foxburrow Farm.