Year 2 Trip to Daws Hall Nature Reserve

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Daws Hall Nature Reserve. The children learnt about different habitats around the nature reserve. Year 2 then explored some different habitats in the arboretum and were thrilled to watch a mouse return to its natural habitat after being kept safe overnight in “mouse hotel”.

2L went off to try some pond dipping and stream dipping. They discovered and recorded many different species of mini beasts and fish in the pond but not so many in the stream. While they were doing this, 2C went off on a camouflage trail and then went in search of various minibeasts in a woodland habitat. After some lunch in the arboretum, the classes swapped activities. The children learnt so much about habitats and it was a really fun and beautifully sunny day. As always, a huge thank you to the parents who were able to come along and share the day and help.