Year 2 Travelled Back to Ancient Egypt

Year 2 travelled back in time over 3000 ago to Ancient Egypt. The Mallet Room provided a wonderful setting and was transformed into Tel-el-Amarna, which was then known as the Horizon of the New Kingdom of Arterv.

The children spent the morning working for the Pharaoh of the time whose name was Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti. They had the opportunity to make tomb paintings, Canopic jars, mummies, necklaces from clay and interleaved bread. They also had a go at scribing hieroglyphs on papyrus reeds and making perfumed canes.

In the afternoon we all enjoyed a huge banquet that took place in the Royal Court to celebrate the festival of the Nile.

A huge thank you to ‘History off the Page’ and to all the enthusiastic parent helpers.