Year 1 Coronation Day

Queen Elizabeth II assumed the throne 66 years ago and on Wednesday 13th March the Year One classes took great delight in celebrating her Coronation.

The children looked wonderful in the costumes of visiting royalty and were extremely excited. The morning was taken up with a museum experience where the children were able to look at and handle numerous original artefacts. This was followed by making a number of related keepsakes to take home.

The afternoon was occupied with a role-play Coronation and street party, complete with delicious and appropriate food provided and served by our lovely mothers. This year we even had a fabulous three tier Coronation cake! The arrival of our Littlegarth Queen was heralded by a thrilling fanfare played by Mr Cooper and Lara Sudbery. Our Queen and her entourage were entertained by the children who marched like soldiers, danced like island members of the Commonwealth, did exercises and the Hakka.

Yet again History Off the Page did a sterling job and an exciting and educational time was had by all.