Victorian Day

Year 6 travelled back in time to discover what life was like in 1897. They walked into the Mallett Room with a look of mild trepidation, wondering what their morning in the classroom was going to be like. They soon found out!

“Mr Grey” instructed the children in the monarchs of England and the countries of the Empire, all by rote. The children wrote with pen and ink or slate pencil according to their station in life and their gender. Many of the children thought their handwriting was better than normal due to the concentration needed to use the dip pen and were really proud of their achievements.

Victorian “discipline” was in evidence and the children have never been silent for so long. They were exhausted after the schoolroom session with the effort of it!

The girls were horrified to hear that they would need very little education as their place was in the home. This did not sit well with the Y6 girls at all. The children acted brilliantly and were commended on their ability to stay in role despite being accused of stealing flowers from the garden, and other very naughty things, (all made up of course!).

The afternoon brought mysteries into the classroom. Year 6 became detectives, trying to piece together the stories of Victorian lives using a range of clues from different artefacts left in suitcases. Several mums came along to help with the puzzles and the children were excited to discover facts about maids who had stolen from their masters and Louis Carroll’s adventures.

The children also made various toys from the Victorian era as well as studying fascinating artefacts such as a stereoscope and mangle.

The day was a fascinating glimpse into the past and helped Year 6 to experience the life of a Victorian school child; bringing history to life for all involved.