Sports News – Week Commencing Monday 16th November

U9 Netball – Monday 16th November


Our internal fixtures continued this week with an exciting Netball tournament for our U9 girls.  Three new, mixed-ability teams were created for the ’round robin’ competition and the players were able to experience up to 4 different team positions throughout the afternoon. The level of play was fantastic and we were so thrilled to see the girls working so well together.

In total, 42 minutes of match play took place and a staggering 22 goals were scored, which bodes well for when we are able to play against other schools! The results were as follows:

BLUE (Eleanor) v RED (Pippa) 7-5

RED (Pippa & Chloe) v GREEN (Amara) 3-1

BLUE (Millie) v GREEN (Ceci) 6-0

(Named players won Man of the Match)

Overall results were as follows:

1st place: Blue Team – captained by Francesca

2nd place: Red Team – captained by Nevaeh

3rd place: Green Team – captained by Amara

The girls had such a fun afternoon of Netball and a delicious match tea.  Well done girls, it is so brilliant to see you all making such great progress.

U9 Football

On Monday we had another competitive afternoon with U9 Football.

All the boys in the year group have showed really good progress with their spacial awareness.  As the boys mature, they are becoming increasingly more understanding of why space is so important, and that it allows you time to make the correct decision.

This week, three new mixed ability teams were created.  The standard of football was very good and the boys were encouraged to continue to work hard even when goals were scored against their team.  During each of the games, the boys controlled their passes, they dribbled well down the pitch and their determination to win the ball back from the opposition was excellent.

It was especially pleasing to see all three teams trying to get the ball wide and deliver crosses into the box, to create goal scoring opportunities.

All the boys played very well and a special mention must go to:

Louis K– For his high energy levels and strong tackling in defence.

Thomas – For making vital tackles in defence.

Leo – For his energy and getting into good positions to score.

Lee-Alexander– For his tackling, energy, Successful passes completed and not giving away possession.

Harry B–  For his composure on the ball and awareness skills.

Harry M – For his energy up and down the wing.  Effort given during all matches.

Alexander – For his good ability to beat a player. And fantastic crosses into the    goal area.

William G – For his effort and concentration given during all matches.

Giles C – For his good vision and passing ability.


1st Place: Red Team

2nd Place: Green Team

3rd Place: Blue Team