Sports Day

This is without doubt the highlight of the sporting calendar.

The morning saw our Prep pupils compete in a whole host of track and field events from the challenge of the high jump to the endurance of the 600metres.  With the sun shining, pupils competed to gain points for both their Houses.  It was a great morning of sport, played as always in a respectful but spirited manner.  Although a very close contest, Munnings were crowned 2018 Champions!

Gold, silver and bronze stickers were the order of the afternoon as our Pre-Prep pupils took to the sports field.  Like our Prep pupils, the Pre-Prep took part in a host of activities in an attempt to win as many prize stickers as possible!   This is an enjoyable afternoon of sport and there were some fantastic performances which bodes well for the future sporting success of the school.   Who will be the stars of the future?