Shakespeare Week: 20 – 24th March 2017

To celebrate Shakespeare Week, Year 5 and Year 6 spent half of their English lessons exploring “The Tempest.”

The children were given lines from the opening scene of the play and using their voices and the parachute they recreated the tempest caused by Prospero and Ariel by reading out their lines in a tone that expressed the panic and chaos of the characters, finally deciding upon which characters were attempting to save the ship and which characters were in a blind panic.

They were then introduced to the storyline of Prospero inhabiting the island. In groups the children used their language skills to compare the beauty of Propsero’s island with the ugliness of the island under Sycorax’s rule.

Some of the year 6 pupils went on to explore and analyse Shakespeare’s language culminating in a performance that considered the relationships between Propsero, Miranda, Caliban and Ariel.

A taste of Shakespeare is often enough to ignite a thirst for further exploration. The children showed great enthusiasm towards the plot and they enjoyed experiencing the language of the play too. The Year 5s are very much looking forward to their Shakespeare workshop next term and the Year 6s are hoping to study other Shakespeare plays in the future.