Remote Education at Littlegarth – January 2021

Following the government announcement made just before the beginning of this term, the staff of Littlegarth undertook to teach our full timetable to our children using a combination of lessons streamed live via Zoom and the setting of differentiated work on a learning platform called Seesaw.

Our children from Years 2-6 are receiving their full timetable using live streaming, although we have adjusted the Pre-Prep timings to fit with those of the prep so that families with children in each department can have break and lunchtimes together.

The children in Reception and Year 1 are also covering all the work that they are scheduled to cover this term but we have adjusted the amount of live streaming to cater for the specific needs of 4-6 year olds. Work is also posted on Seesaw and the teachers remain available at times when they might not be providing live lessons to ensure that families receive all the support they need throughout each day.

Our Nursery is open but for those families that choose not to send their children in we provide specific learning tasks online via Seesaw and we have staff available throughout each working day to support those families at home and to help the parents move the children onto their next steps.

We are pleased that we have staff in school supporting the children of key workers across our year groups.