Regarding Sarah Hodgkinson – Former Chair of Governors

I am sorry to inform you that Sarah Hodgkinson, long-time friend of Littlegarth and former Governor and Chair of Governors died on 17th January at home with her family.

I’m not sure of the exact date that she joined the Board but Sarah was Chair when I was appointed Head and it was she who led the Board when they decided to build the Sports Hall, a truly courageous decision considering the pupil numbers we had at the time.

Sarah was such a kind and considerate person who visited the School often. She knew the names of all staff members and she loved visiting classes and watching the children enjoy their learning. She has kept in touch since she left the Board and although she moved to Cirencester two years ago, she was still desperately keen to come and see the new build. Unfortunately, she was too unwell to come back and see us.

Littlegarth was a very important part of Sarah’s life and she played a very important part in the lives of all staff, children and friends of Littlegarth.

Will Pavry, Sarah Hodgkinson and Robert Erith – 2006 Sports Hall Opening