Reception’s Fairy Tale Day

Reception had a fantastic day recreating life in Sleeping Beauty’s castle. We came to school dressed as our favourite Fairytale character and were greeted by Sir Patrick. We were surprised at how the Mallet Room had been transformed into the great hall of the castle and it is here where we were instructed that we had to prepare for a banquet for Sleeping Beauty that would take place in the afternoon.

During the morning we took part in a variety of activities such as making place labels for the banqueting table, decorating Fairy cakes, making wrist bands, clay gargoyles, pocket makers, scented bag and lots more.

Throughout the day, we learned lots of interesting facts about castles and life within the castle walls. In the afternoon we had a Medieval banquet and felt like we ruled the kingdom! The King, Queen, Prince, Sleeping Beauty and guests were entertained by jesters, jugglers, singers and dancers. Actors also performed the story of Saint George and the dragon. Throughout the banquet we were served by the servitors and feasted on bread, cakes and fresh fruit and drank from silver goblets.

A fantastic Day was had by all.