Reception Vehicles

On Tuesday 21st May, the Reception children enjoyed three separate visits from parents with special vehicles. Firstly, Ben’s dad, Mr Watchorn came to show us his American Ford Truck! Mr Watchorn spoke about the special features of his truck and the children loved thinking about objects that Mr Watchorn could tow with his vehicle. They enjoyed watching the beacon light bar flashing orange. We topped the visit off by all 38 children getting into the back of the truck, it was a bit of a squeeze but luckily they all managed to get in.

Mr Morley, Freddie’s dad and William’s uncle, brought in his luxurious vintage Bentley which is over 100 years old. We discussed how the Bentley was different to modern day cars and loved looking at the engine and finding out where the break was. The children were all able to sit in the car, playing with the steering wheel and especially enjoyed hearing the horn.

Mr Johnson, Nathaniel’s dad brought in his electric scooter. He showed the children how it was collapsible and the special helmet and gloves that he had to wear. He told the children that the bike can go over 20 miles per hour and is battery operated. The children enjoyed watching Mr Johnson, whizzing around the playground and they all had the chance to lift the bike.