Reception Fairy Tale Day

The Reception children thoroughly enjoyed our Fairy Tale day with History of the Page last week, as did all of the staff and parents involved! Children and adults alike looked resplendent in their fabulous fairy tale costumes. The children spent the morning crafting at a range of different activities; including making leatherette pockets, sculpting clay gargoyles, grinding their own fragrances for scented pot-pourri bags, weaving, planting magic beans and decorating gingerbread biscuits! After a busy morning, the children then spent the afternoon preparing for a special banquet to celebrate the wedding of Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming. The children all took part in providing the entertainment for the celebration, with different groups each performing dances, juggling, singing or acting out the tale of George and the Dragon. And of course the day would not have been complete without a fairy tale or two from the story teller! It was a truly magical day!