Pre-Prep Cross Curricular Day

The children learnt all about food chains with the Suffolk owl sanctuary, by pretending to be owls, mice or berries in a version of stuck in the mud. The owls had to flap their wings and chase after the mice, who in turn scuttled away and hunted for bouncing berries. If caught by their predator, the children had to await a member of their team to release them!

The children had a magnificent minibeast hunt, searching high and low to find all of the hidden minibeasts about the lawn and also tried to identify different animals from pictures and clues, demonstrating excellent reading and writing skills in the process!

Down in our wonderful woodland area, the children created rubbings of cross sections of tree trunks and counted the rings to discover how old the tree was. We measured the circumference of the tree using links and Avaya discovered that Mother Tree has a circumference of 48 links! Rosie told us about the importance of trees taking in Carbon Dioxide and producing Oxygen for us to breathe and we went and hugged the trees to say a big thank you! The children were very knowledgeable about the types of trees growing in the woodland area, identifying both oak and silver birch.

The children also enjoyed watching the very busy honeybees buzzing in and out of the bug hotel, found a very active caterpillar, painted some beautiful pictures of birds and even did some minibeast maths!

The children have had an amazing adventure day and want to thank everyone involved in organising it!