News from the Nursery

The Nursery have had an extremely busy time during the penultimate week of term.

Their class assembly was all about the importance of helping to protect our environment, especially the oceans and sea life. The children were captivated after watching film footage from The Blue Planet and a host of other clips which included fish tangled up in all the plastic rubbish dumped into our seas.

The Nursery children gave our specially made cotton bags to the current Year Six children as a reminder to avoid using plastic carrier bags in the future.

The Nursery children subsequently delivered bags to each class in the school.

Nursery Sports Day was a great success being held on the back lawn for the first time, where the children participated in a variety of team games under the guidance of Mr Rob Fidler and Mr Keith Dawes.

The FLS did a fantastic job of serving much needed refreshments to all on such a hot, sunny and happy occasion.

Mr Jones presented each child with a much deserved medal.

Once again, thank you to everyone who helped make these events enjoyable, but most of all to the parents who have supported us throughout the year.