National Poetry Day 2017

On Thursday 28th September Littlegarth celebrated National Poetry Day. Mrs Fisher amazed all pupils in assembly by reading a poem she had written and this inspired numerous children to write their own poems. Year 1 and Year 6 started off the day by sharing some of their poems on this year’s theme of ‘Freedom’. Year 1 children read out their poems about the freedom of leaves and conkers falling from the trees whilst the Year 6 children enraptured the hall with metaphorical poems about freedom of thought, choice and voice.

Poetry is a means of expressing our ideas and the children loved being able to experiment with rhyming and acrostic poems to express themselves. Mrs Shropshire has been inundated with lots of wonderful poems and looks forward to reading many more after the weekend.

Poem written by Mrs Fisher:

There’s a place in the country of which I’m quite fond
With a long tree lined path and ducks on the pond
It’s filled with excitement on days of the week
When children arrive there with knowledge to seek
The main house is old with creaky brown stairs
It’s walls could tell tales of the history it bears
The corridors echo with footsteps and chatter
And the playgrounds a place for a snack and a natter
From Science to History, from English to Art children are learning and filling their hearts
Full of people and places and numbers and words
and they soar with their learning like a large flock of birds.
With lovely green fields we run jump and throw playing sport with our friends in the sun and the snow.
If you listen you’ll hear lots of music and song from the choirs or musicians who play with aplomb then into
the limelight we have scripts plays and scenes where we all act our socks off like real drama queens.
Have you guessed where I am yet I’ll get to the end, it’s a place first and foremost where I have lots of friends.
This place that I love is called Littlegarth
Where the welcome is warm like a fire on the hearth.
It’s friendly and fun it’s fast paced and cool.
And I’m proud as a peacock to call it my school!