Lizzie Bramall – 23rd November 2008 – 15th November 2018

Brave, Beautiful, Happy, Inspiring, Kind, Incredible, Smart and Full of Love. These are just some of the words that were used by her classmates to describe their special friend after they were told of the tragic loss of Lizzie last week.

Lizzie Bramall was one of the most delightful girls that it has been my pleasure to teach. A girl of many qualities, who always brought a smile to everyone’s face through her own infectious smile and her enthusiastic approach to all, Lizzie has been a central member of Littlegarth School right from the time that she joined us in Lower Nursery at 2½ years old.

Lizzie loved life to the full and to her, each new challenge was an opportunity to learn and help others to have a lovely time. She possessed many talents but one of her major strengths was her creativity which was evident each year in the beautiful home-made Christmas Cards she made for those close to her. Her creative skills have been particularly evident in recent months through her passion for baking which has been an activity that she has enjoyed with her mother Sally and her father Mark.

Lizzie has always tried to do the right thing in life and has set a wonderful example to children across the school, earning the love and respect of the whole school community. Since her diagnosis in February, Lizzie coped with her illness with remarkable resolve and a keen determination to help doctors to find a cure for those children who will be diagnosed with brain tumours in the future.

During the Easter holidays she wrote to me requesting that she put on a cake sale during our very popular Grandparents’ Day in the summer. This event was one of the most incredible team efforts witnessed by the school as children, parents and staff came together to bake, sell and support ‘Lizzie’s Fund’ in any way that they could. A remarkable £4000 was raised that day and since then Lizzie’s Fund has continued to inspire numerous people to support research into childhood brain tumours.

Lizzie continued to attend school as much as she could between periods of treatment and most recently she and her parents, Sally and Mark, participated in our Sponsored Walk for Lizzie’s Fund which took place on 24th October. Lizzie was there for the very beginning of the Walk and she and her family lead the way as over 300 children walked the school fields for charity.

Lizzie inspired us all through her courage, her kindness and her determination to do all that she could to prevent this dreadful disease from taking children’s lives in the future. Our school community is devastated by her loss but her example to all has drawn us together in a very special way. Her selfless approach to life in recent months has reminded us all of our responsibility to be kind and thoughtful to each other and I know that the school community will continue to support the fundraising work of Lizzie, Sally and Mark in the months and years to come.

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