Littlegarth NSEA Riding Team Year Report

We started the year on a horrible cold day in September with torrential rain – not the best environment for children or ponies.  The children were really resilient and battled on despite the weather (and it was truly awful!)

  • 40 cm team – Harry, Ben and Charlie – 2nd place
  • 50 cm team – Zac, Henry, Oscar – Zac Individual 2nd place
  • 60 cm individuals Henry and Zac – Henry Individual 4th place

The children have grown in confidence through the year on their ponies many of them new this year – and Henry and Ben have gone on to represent the school at the larger NSEA competitions:

  • 60 cm NSEA win for Ben
  • 70 cm NSEA qualifier for regional championship – Henry 2nd place and qualified
  • 70 cm NSEA regional championship – Henry 4th place
  • 70 cm NSEA county championship qualifier – Henry 4th place

Littlegarth was also heavily represented in the Pony Club Area Show Jumping recently at Trinity Park with the winning 50 cm team including Oscar, Ben and Zac.  Ben won the 60 cm individual.  Henry was in the 80cm team and after 3 rounds and a tense jump of came 5th out of more than 100 competitors to qualify for the regional championships in August. 

If anyone else is interested in joining the riding team next year, please do let the School Office know. The competitions start in September and there are classes for all starting at 30cm and lead reins allowed.