Leavers and Class Assemblies

Where does time go? It only seems like yesterday that our Year 6 pupils were performing their Reception Christmas nativity and now they are preparing for the challenges of senior school.  In this, their final assembly, the theme of time was continued, as Doctor Who in his many forms, travelled through the key moments in the lives of our Year 6 at Littlegarth. Mrs Bennett was particularly touched by the curly blond wig that was worn by the child who represented on stage! It was lovely to reflect on all that had pased and the incredible individuals they have become.

Reception retold the story of Handa Surprise and showed their pictures portraying this.  The book is set in Kenya and is about a little girl who takes seven different fruits to her friend.  As she walks to her friend, all the animals take the fruits out one by one but she eventually comes across a goat who tugs itself free and as he does so he bangs into the tangerine tree.  The tangerines fall into the basket and fill it up with what turns out to be her friend’s favourite fruit.    As part of their African project, they made African Masks and were taught an African dance which they shared with everyone.