Languages Day

On Thursday 26th September the whole of Littlegarth School came together to celebrate Languages Day and the variety of languages spoken by the children at home and school.  Our day started with an assembly on the theme of friendship and the way in which language learning can break down barriers.  The children looked fantastic in their red, white or blue and national dress or costumes from many different countries.  Our bilingual children shared greetings and ways of saying ‘let’s be friends’.  We  finished with a whole-school rendition of this year’s special song, Soyons Amis, which means ‘let’s be friends’ in French.

Pre-prep were then treated to a German taster session.  This included learning some fun phrases and making a Schultuete, a traditional card cone given to German children at the start of the school year filled with treats. After a delicious French breakfast of croissants, pains au chocolat and chocolat chaud was served, the Prep children took part in sessions to learn a little about the significance of the Berlin Wall and its fall 30 years ago next month.   This was linked to art to create our own ‘Friendship Wall’