Admissions Process


Making a decision about your child’s education is incredibly important – there can be no finer investment.
Littlegarth School is one of the leading schools in Essex and offers a traditional style of education, in a happy, warm and caring environment, providing the best opportunities available. Through stimulating and imaginative teaching, we aim to ensure children can build upon the firm foundations laid in the basic skills of literacy and numeracy. Being a truly independent school, we see each pupil as an individual, encouraging boys and girls to be confident, well-balanced young people. By discovering and developing each child’s natural abilities – academic, musical, sporting, artistic or practical – each individual’s potential is realised.

Joining Littlegarth

Children may join Littlegarth at any stage, if there are available places. Most children enter the Littlegarth Nursery at some time after they reach 2½, by arrangement between the parents and the Headmaster. There is no form of testing when children join us in the Nursery. 
A few places are available for children to enter Littlegarth in Reception and then, higher in the primary school, as and when places become available. In the Pre-Prep and Prep Departments, we invite new pupils to join us for a day for an informal assessment to ensure that we are aware of their strengths and any areas of weakness.

For more information on the admissions process, please contact Littlegarth using the details found on our Contact Us page.