Results 2018

Being one of the leading independent primary schools in Essex and Suffolk, when Littlegarth children leave us they join a wide variety of senior schools, passing the Essex 11+ and Common Entrance examinations, often winning scholarships.

Places Awarded for Senior School Entry 2018 (Scholarship Awards in brackets)

Colchester County High School (11+)             4 places

Colchester Royal Grammar School (11+)      5 places

Finborough School                                              2 places

Gosfield School                                                   1 place

Ipswich School                                                     17 places (3 Queens Academic, 6 Sport and 1 Maths award)

Norwich High School for Girls                            1 place

Old Buckenham Hall                                           2 places

Orwell Park School                                              1 place (1 Academic)

Royal Hospital School                                        14 places (3 Academic, 5 Sport, 1 Drama, 2 Music, 1 All Round and 2 Headteacher’s Awards)

St Helena School                                                1 place

St Joseph’s College                                            3 places (1 Academic)

The Colne Community School                          1 place

The Gilberd School                                             1 place

Woodbridge School                                            19 places (7 Academic, 7 Sport, 1 Drama and 2 All Round)

We are delighted that Littlegarth children have gained over 100 scholarship awards to independent schools in the past three years.