About Littlegarth

Littlegarth School was founded in 1940 by Miss Barbara Erith and Miss Betty Mallett. Miss Erith taught in Canada, and returned to England when war was declared in 1939. She joined Miss Mallett in Dedham to become the joint headmistress of the new independent Littlegarth School. The two ladies were cousins by marriage and taught together for nearly 20 years. Early pupils recall life at the School, ‘Miss Mallett was an inspired teacher of small children who combined firm discipline with the capacity for making everything interesting and absorbing.’

With a successful history behind it, in 1994 significant change was required for the school to thrive as it moved towards a new century. Littlegarth Chairman Tania Allsopp, supported by her husband Mark and an enthusiastic and supportive governing board, stepped in with the vision and leadership required to modernise the school by moving it to Horkesley Park and thus setting the foundations for its transformation. It is now a leading school in Essex, but the ethos remains the same. We are still committed to inspiring a lifelong love of learning in a safe, stimulating and happy environment. We moved from Dedham to Horkesley Park in 1994. The current site of the school is reported to have been part of a royal hunting ground for King John in the early thirteenth century, and was a reform school in more recent history.

Since moving to Horkesley Park, Littlegarth School has undergone extensive redevelopment giving the children more opportunity to experience a wider range of activities. Our pupils have excellent access to participating in sports at a high level as well as taking advantage of our outdoor classroom in the Forest School. Our facilities produce the best environment for children to establish a good grounding across the curriculum, especially English, Maths and Science.

We are extremely proud of Littlegarth’s heritage. It gives us the experience to look to the future and to continue being a leading Independent School in the area. We will always want out children to be given the best educational experience possible and to do this we will continue to reinvest in the service we provide.

Our School Aims

We are set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and provide a stimulating, supportive learning environment where children are encouraged to reach their potential in all aspects of the curriculum and beyond. Our talented network of teachers and staff work closely with each child, and their family, aiming to:

Educate each child to the best of his or her ability

By offering a well-balanced and broad curriculum, we work hard to ensure the sustained development of each child, placing particular emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills.

Value each child as an individual

We provide opportunities for children to be challenged and experience success which develops their confidence across all areas of the curriculum. Children at Littlegarth are encouraged to have a positive and ambitious attitude to life and learning at all times.

Provide a stimulating and well-ordered environment

Our successful school is situated in Constable Country, an ideal rural setting to give children the space to grow and offers a variety of quality resources for the children to enjoy.

Encourage children to develop a sense of responsibility

Developing self-discipline and high standards of courtesy and behaviour are key areas of growth for children at Littlegarth.

Develop self-motivation and independence

We seek to prepare our children for further studies and life’s challenges. We believe in encouraging children to take responsibility for their actions and show respect for one another.

Provide opportunities for children to value their school and the wider community

Our children learn that each individual has a valuable contribution to make to both the school and the wider community.

Enable children to broaden their horizons

Understanding and appreciating differences between themselves cultivates a tolerance of alternative values and lifestyles, which will help all children become more rounded as they continue to grow.

Encourage close relationships between parents and the School

Parents are always welcome in School as we believe in developing an active partnership between home and the classroom, one of trust and confidence.