Distance Learning Showcase

The children have been settling in really well to distance learning, and have produced some fantastic work. Each week, we’ll upload a selection of work.

Up to 12th June

Up to 5th June

Up to 22nd May

This is a selection of the Year 5 Lunchtime Concert which took place last week.

Year 4 Geography

Year 5 English

Year 5 History

Year 6 History

Up to 15th May


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Up to 7th May:



Amelie’s Stopmotion Film
Alice’s Puppet Show
Flora’s Lego Treasure Island
Freya’s Stopmotion Film

Year 2


Year 3 Art

Year 3 have been looking at the work of Henri Matisse to then inform their own collages as well as looking at ways they can layer up their collages to make multimedia artworks.

Multimedia piece by Giles. (Wheat head)

Multimedia piece by Archie (Rugby stadium)

Matisse inspired pattern design by Chloe

Matisse inspired underwater scene by Harry

Year 4 History

Year 4 have been studying the Ancient Olympic Games.

Year 4 RE

Here are some examples of work from Year 4 in response to the first activity set for them on Seesaw for RE. They had to read a Namaste poem then re-create it using their own words. They were given the option of completing the task online or on paper and these children chose to do theirs on paper so they could add some colour to their work.

Year 4 Art

Year 4 have been exploring working in pen, creating designs with simple patterns and learning to embrace mistakes. They have practiced zentangling patterns and then how to use these to form a design.

Practice designs by Matilda

Hand design by Evie

Circle patterns by Henry

Magical scene by Lilia

Year 4 Science

Ella’s experiment with liquids

Florence’s melting experiment

Joshua’s experiment with liquids

Year 5 Art

Year 5 have been doing some cross-curricular learning identifying tessellating shapes and created their own tessellating irregular shape. Inspired by M C Escher they’ve then applied their learning to create an animal tessellation.

Irregular tessellation by Amalie.

Irregular tessellation with rainbow section by James.

Flying birds by Harry.

Colourful design with a template by Charlie.

Elephant design by Hari.

Year 5 PSHE

Year 5 Science

Bettie’s planets drawing

Three planets by Felix

Year 6 Art

Year 6 have been focussed on their drawing and shading skills. They’ve created some fantastic optical illusions to show these skills as well as an understanding of perspective.

Bar illusion by Henry.

Peg illusion by Izzy.

Spiraling design by Francesca.

Ladder illusion by Joe.

Year 6 History

Year 6 ICT

Here are some pieces of work from Year 6 children who are using Tinkercad to create their own space designs in Computer Science. The examples show some of the children’s astronaut helmets and one of a satellite.

Year 6 Science

Angus’ chromatography experiment

Matilda’s chromatography experiment