Pastoral Care

For children to achieve their full potential in school, their welfare and happiness is of paramount importance. At Littlegarth, our pastoral care system is very simple and extremely effective.

The moment a child enters Littlegarth, he/she is cared for by the form teacher who is always the first point of contact for parents and staff. The form teacher meets the children each morning for registration and also checks reading and/or homework diaries every day. Small classes promote a good rapport between teacher and pupil, ensuring each child is happy and well motivated.

Merits are used to reward good work, behaviour, manners or any other occasion when staff members feel a child deserves positive recognition.  This highly successful system links closely with our Inter House competition which involves children from the primary school in Year 1 to Year 6. Our three Houses are named after famous local artists: Constable, Gainsborough and Munnings. Each week, the House Cup is awarded in assembly to the House which has gained the most Merits that week and, each term, all children from Year 4 to Year 6 compete on the sports field in our regular series of Inter House matches. On Speech Day at the end of the summer term, the House Cup is presented to the House with the most merits accumulated over the entire year.

Assemblies are held three times a week and include a simple act of worship. They are an opportunity to come together as a school to consider a range of issues and to celebrate many events and successes. The Prep children also have two Form Periods a week where topics related to the assembly theme can be discussed in more detail. Form Assemblies take place on Friday mornings when parents are invited to join the children in their act of worship.

Our Year 6 children all become School Prefects and each term we give individual children extra responsibilities linked with specific Houses or activities such as art, music and sport. The children take their responsibilities extremely seriously and they enjoy rising to the challenge of being a School Prefect and setting a good example to others in their role as senior ambassadors of Littlegarth.

Our commitment to ensuring the happiness of your child is at the heart of what Littlegarth believes in. The emphasis we put on the importance of the individual, and supporting each child in their personal development, has established our reputation as one of the leading schools in Suffolk and Essex.