Showcase of Pupil Work

Below is a selection of the wonderful work the children have completed this half term during the period of remote learning.


Both Nursery classes had so much fun in the snow! Building snowmen, sledging and making snow angels


We read, ‘The Feel Good Book’ by Todd Parr and the children thought about the things that make them feel good. They made their own, ‘Feel Good’ books.

We compared the illustrations by Todd Parr with the work of the famous artist, Andy Warhol and noticed that they both use bright coloured backgrounds, a black outline, bold blocks of colour and use colours you would not expect, such as a purple or green face! The children made their own Todd Parr/Andy Warhol style artwork.

In art, we explored animal prints and printing techniques to make these beautiful pictures!

Year 1 highlights Spring term 1

  • A range of activities linked to hibernation including baking hedgehog cakes!
  • Making bird feeders
  • Beautiful artwork showing the perspective of a worm and a snowman
  • We explored the story of the Billy Goats Gruff and different perspectives of each character. We then looked at an alternative version of the story involving three dogs and a mean crocodile
  • Exploring handwriting patterns using lower and upper case letters
  • Instruction writing on how to grow a mythical creature
  • Art- exploring movement through drawing people dancing

Year 3

French – Year 3 have learned the story of Little Red Riding Hood in French.  They have learned about clothes, characters and different verbs to say what’s happening in the story.

Computer Studies – In computer Studies the children have been developing their coding skills using Turtle Academy. Just look at the fantastic results!

Year 4

RE – Year 4 have been studying Judaism in their lessons and they had a go at making their own Mezuzah which is a small box that contains a special prayer and is fixed to the doorframe of Jewish homes.

History – In Year 4 the children have been learning about the three major Greek battles; The Battle of Marathon, The Battle of Thermopylae and The Battle of Salamis.  During learning about The Battle of Thermopylae, the children took on the role of King Leonidas and wrote his final speech to the 300 Spartans that had stayed to fight the Persians.  The children could submit their speech by a written version, audio or via video.

Year 5

Maths – Year 5 have been developing their long division skills, as well as looking at fractions and percentages.

English – Year 5have had a busy half term. First, we read and performed poems by Joseph Coelho. We looked at different poetic techniques and thought about the impact these have. We used expanded noun phrases to write our own poems about things we love. Then, we looked at instruction and explanation texts. We are currently finishing off leaflets about our own futuristic transport inventions.

Computer Studies – The children have been working very hard on an “Apprentice’ style project in which they have created their own chocolate bar, designed packaging and carried out market research. Lord Sugar has been very impressed!

Geography – Year 5 have been studying a ‘Deadly 60’ inspired topic this half term. They have been learning about sketch maps, animal habitats and the deadliest animals from each continent. They have also created their own board games using their research!

RE – Year 5 classes in RE spent time learning about Jesus’ disciples, what their names were, and what they did for and with Jesus. They then had to create a wordcloud to display their findings.

Year 6

English – Year 6 Red have been reading The Time Machine by HG Wells. We have written our own time travel stories, thought about what a Utopian future might be like and produced brochures to persuade people to come and visit us there. 

Year 6 Blue have been reading Skellig by David Almond. We wrote diaries and letters to show empathy with the characters and an article discussing the advantages and disadvantages of home schooling. We’ve also been exploring the poetry of William Blake. 

Maths – Year 6 have been learning all about tessellations in recent lessons. They have produced some wonderful pieces of work, which can be seen below.

Geography – 6H have been learning all about the ‘Rainforests’, whilst 6D have been covering a topic on ‘Extreme Earth’.

Computer Studies – In Year 6 the children have been using Tinkercad to develop their 3D design skills.